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2017's price fluctuations in the electromechanical circle are unstoppable

Most of the electromechanical people have returned to the battlefield to enter the battle sequence, and various price increases have occupied the commanding heights of the circle of friends. After years of warm-up, the price increase seems to be expected, but it is unexpected to rise so much.

When I first got to work at the beginning of the year, the author received a price increase fax from the supplier. The raw material per ton continued to rise by about 15% on the original basis. This is basically from last year to this year, and the cost of raw materials has increased by more than 40%. The author also laments. It’s crazy, but when others are crazy, you are too rational, and you are absolutely dead. All you can do is adapt and adjust. If you don't, you can't discuss it.

Recently, copper, tantalum steel sheets, aluminum ingots, packaging and other series have continued to rise, which has also prompted many factories to issue price increases. The full range of products of a well-known power tool brand has increased by 12%-16%. Many factories have also released the price increase time. table.

In the face of price increases, don't make a fuss, at least in the near future will be a normal state. What you want to study is not why the price increases, but how to land in front of the price surge.

You are struggling with the moment when prices rise again, and the price may have risen again. It is even more sad that the goods after the price increase have to be lined up. What everyone has to do is to rationally stock up, fast forward and fast, and reduce business risks.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the overall price increase seems to have little direct connection with demand, perhaps due to the overall environment. Even in the hustle and bustle of the sound, there is no sign of the downstream rushing to grab the goods. 2017 is more complicated than the market environment of 2016. The variable “price increase” increases the difficulty factor for the operation of each group.

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