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Digital and custom production in efficient motor production

Since the second industrial revolution, human society has started the production and manufacture of electric motors. It has been more than 100 years old. The third industrial revolution that began during this period has greatly improved the manufacturing level and performance of high-efficiency motors. . However, custom production of this production model has been limited by cost and cannot be truly universal. However, with the development of information technology and robotics, personal customization has begun to spread in many industries.

Customization means non-standard products, and means that the company must adjust the production according to the customer's unique requirements. However, due to mold, efficiency and other reasons, this adjustment will not be cost-free. A company is like a long team of hundreds of people. Usually, only this team relies on a good communication path to move, which means it takes time from communication to execution. And according to the traditional model, this communication will increase exponentially with the increase of communication nodes. Customized products are basically customized products within a limited time, and the time is basically not too abundant, which greatly increases the chances of making mistakes. Coupled with factors such as mold replacement time, many companies directly abandon production for custom products with too small batch sizes. The so-called digitization of the production process is to use the digital and information technology to control the important nodes in the whole production process, so that the entire enterprise can be as directed and standardized, symbolized, so that customized products can be directly ordered from the order. The production line is linked. In order to achieve this goal, some information transfer processes or positions must be digitized or intelligently processed, combined with automation equipment and robots. In this way, the non-fixed costs in custom production can be minimized, enabling single-piece, low-cost, high-effici

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ADD:East of Wenchang Road, Nanning Road, Wendeng Economic Development Zone, Weihai, Shandong, China
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