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The core components of industrial robots

What are the core components of industrial robots? The three core component controllers, servo motors and reducers of industrial robots are the main bottlenecks restricting the Chinese robot industry, and its bottleneck accounts for 70% of the robot cost.
 Core component controller for industrial robots
 The controller has the smallest gap between home and abroad The controller is the brain of the robot, releasing and transmitting action instructions. Including hardware and software two parts: hardware is the industrial control board, including some main control unit, signal processing part and other circuits, domestic brands have mastered; software part is mainly control algorithm, secondary development, etc., domestic brands in stability, response There are still gaps in speed, ease of use, and so on.

The problem with the core component controllers of industrial robots is that mature robot manufacturers generally develop controllers themselves to ensure stability and maintain the technical system due to their relatively low status and threshold. Therefore, the market share of the controller is basically the same as that of the robot. Internationally, there are also vendors such as KEBA, Beckhoff, and B&R that provide the underlying platform for controllers. Therefore, in the current environment, domestic companies that develop controllers professionally will be more difficult.
 The opportunity for the core component controllers of industrial robots is standardization and openness. The existing closed structure of the robot controller brings disadvantages such as poor openness, poor software independence, poor fault tolerance, poor expandability, and lack of network functions, and can no longer meet the requirements of intelligence and flexibility. The development of modular, standardized robot controllers, open to users at all levels is a development direction of robot controllers. China's 863 plan has also been established. The unification of the robot interface is a general trend, and a platform-type enterpr

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